AVC College of Engineering is committed to becoming a model campus with regard to environmental conservation. A green campus is a higher education community with optimum land use, environmental planning and resource management i.e., improving energy efficiency, conserving resources, enhancing environmental quality including habitat preservation, healthy living environment, use of renewable energy and management of wastes, water recycling etc.. The buildings within the campus should be based on green building concepts to the extent possible The goal is to reduce CO2emissions, energy use, and water use, while creating an atmosphere where students can be healthy and learn AVCCE have more than 30 acres of land with large number of good aged trees and well maintained garden which makes the campus ever green and pollution free Ten permanent RCC buildings are available in the campus and all the buildings are provided with Rain water harvesting units to preserve water All the blocks are oriented in East-West direction with shorter facades facing the sun and that too is surrounded with big trees and there by the energy needed for air conditioning is reduced The administrative building has 10 kWp rooftop SPV systems connected with the light load to save the electrical energy. 1000 LPD Solar Water Heater is provided in the student home which supplies hot water to the kitchen for cooking which reduces the fossil fuel requirement. Provisions are also available to use this hot water by the inmates. A 10 m3 bio gas plant is available in the student home which converts the kitchen waste and the night soil in to bio gas. This bio gas is used for cooking purpose in the student home, which saves the fossil fuel requirement and thereby the monthly bill. This also makes the environment in and around the kitchen and the toilet clean and odorless