av A.V.C. College of Engineering

As per the AICTEs directions, every institution is expected to conduct the 3-week Student Induction Programme under the guidance of the Principal. For this, the institution is expected to make a SIP Cell. The SIP Cell will be responsible for planning, and then actively and successful implementation of the three-weeks mandatory Student Induction Program. The SIP Cell for A.V.C. College of Engineering is formed as under with effect from 22/09/2021

Chair Person : Dr.C.Sundar Raj, Principal
Convener : Dr.G.Pradeep, Dean (Academics)
Coordinator : Dr.V.Tamilselvan, H.O.D/S&H


  • 1. Dr.S.Rajalakashmi,Asso.Prof/S&H

  • 2. Dr.J.Swaminathan, Asso.Prof/S&H

  • 3. Dr.K.Krishnamoorthy, Asso.Prof/ S&H

  • 4. Dr.V.Vanathi,Asso.Prof/S&H

  • 5. Dr.R.Subash, Asst.Prof/S&H and NSS Programme officer

  • 6. Dr.M.Umamaheswari, Asst.Prof/S&H and NCC Care taker

  • 7. Mr.S.Senthilnathan, Asst.Prof/ECE and Physical activities i/c & Press report

  • 8. Mrs.R.Ramya,Asst.Prof/ECE and Cultural activities i/c

  • 9. Dr.P.Balasubramanian, Prof/MECH and Co curricular activities i/c

  • 10. Mr.A.P.Prabhakaran,Asst.Prof/ECE and Creative Arts & Literacy activities

  • 11. Dr.R.Kanimozhi,Asst.Prof/IT and Computer Proficiency i/c

  • 12. Dr.J.Swaminathan, Asst.Prof/MBA and Anti Ragging Committee i/c

Prominent Alumni