Fine arts club shows the artistic work of students. This club provides a broader view of art to the students to show their innovation and creativity. Students participate in the various activities organized by the club and show their art.

Our College gives equal importance to sports as well as cultural activities. Students participate in various inter and intra college cultural.Extracurricular activities are conducted through various societies. Well equipped separate auditorium(PEKAK HALL) with all facilities like fine stage, Speakers, Mic, Projectors, musical instruments etc are utilized for the cultural activities. Students are given separate rooms for their cultural practices. Separate Cultural team members are working for the benefits of the students. Regular meetings will be conducted and the opportunities will be spread out for enhancing the cultural thirst of the students providing the path in various fields.

The students have won various prizes and medals in various competitions. Our college students are participating in various TV shows, AIR programmes and expand their opportunities. The college also conduct intra college cultural competitions which includes dance (classical, Western, Folk), Rangoli competitions, oratorical competition, essay writing, painting and Merit Certificates will be distributed on the college day. Our college ensures Fine Arts Club association with regular celebrations of cultural during Independence day,republic day, Women’s day celebrations, Pongal festival etc.

i.To Encourage the students in various arts activities
ii.To Improve imagination skill in entertainment
iii.To Improve the leadership abilities
iv.To improve the creativity of the students

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