Roles and Responsibilites:

Ragging is defined as an act that violates or is perceived to violate on individual student’s dignity. Ragging involves abuse, humiliation or harassment of new entrants orjunior students by the senior students. It often takes a malignant form wherein the newcomers may be subjected to psychological or physical torture.

Roles and Responsibilities

i.Creating awarenesss among students against drug abuse
ii.Ensure that the institution premises and surroundigs are maintained free of drugs
iii.Any information regarding availabilities of narcotic drugs should be passed to narcotic bureau,CID unit or ocal police.
iv.Should non ultimate aim of achieving the status of narcotic drugs free company in th colleges

The present staff members are as below: Name Department
1 Mr.S.Pasupathi Raja, Asst.Prof/ECE Co-Ordinator
2 Mr.S.Mohana Kannan, Asst.Prof/Mech Member
3 Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, Asst.Prof/ICE Member
4 Mr.A.Arun Pandiyan, Asst.Prof/CSE Member
5 Mrs.V.Ezhilarasi, Asst.Prof/IT Member
6 Dr.S.A.Chitr Devi, Assoc.Prof/EEE Member
7 Mr.S.Rameshwaran, Asst.Prof/Civil Member
8 Mrs.M.Joice Malini, Asst.Prof/Chy Member
9 Dr.M.S.Gayathri, Asst.Prof/MBA Member
10 Mr.M.Ashokvel, Ass.Prof/MCA Member
11 Mr.B.Sivakumar, Tech Asst/Mech Member
12 Mrs.A.Akila, Lab Asst./ S&H Member
13 Mr.M.Ganapathi Subramanian, Lab Assistant Member
12 Mr.S.Praveen Kumar - Office Member

Student Members Name Department
1 Mr.B.Sabarirajan II Year, MBA/td>
2 Mr..Vigneshwaran III Year MCA
3 Mr.S.Bharath IV Year B.E-MECH
4 Mr.B.Gopinath III Year B.E CSE
5 Mr. R.Vasanthan IV Year B.E ICE
6 Mr.S.Viswa III Year B.E Civil
7 Mr.S.Varunkumar III Year B.E ECE
8 Mr.A.Ahamed Shamesher II Year, B.Tech IT
9 Mr.S.Sivaraman III Year B.E EEE
10 Mr. V.Harikarthick I Year B.E CSE

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