The objective of this study is to educate and create awareness among the student's community on use of technology, internet, social media and its implications on possible cybercrimes. Through our Police Cyber Club and the Hackathon Project we can create awareness among the student's community as well as among the common peoples.

The objective of this scheme is ‘development of personality of students through community service’. This enables the students to

The scope of the cyber club is to explore, create awareness and gain more knowledge about the cybercrime. Also examine the level of ethical and security awareness among college students.

Develop among themselves a sense of social and civil responsibility.

Know More about Cyber Crime
S.No Name Designation Department Mobile E-Mail Id
1 Dr.C.Sundar Raj Principal Admin 9443651442
2 Dr.S.Rajalakshmi Assoc.Prof S&H 9442255337
2 Dr.K.Krishnakumari Assoc.Prof CSE 9894952576
4 Mr.R.Gopikrishnan Asst.Prof ICE 9443876472
5 Mrs.K.Aruna Asst.Prof IT 8870827031
6 Mr.T.Venkatesan Asst.Prof MCA 9442391992
7 Mr.P.Senthil Ganeche Asst.Prof Mech 9443395178
8 Mr.M.Krishna Kumar Asst.Prof ECE 9488813163
9 Mr.R.Vasanthan Student III ICE 9488813163
10 Mr.J.Mohamed Shafik Student III ICE 8344077408
11 Mr.C.Thirukumaran Student III MECH 8098140220
12 Mr.G.Barath Student III MECH 6383834698
13 Mr.S.Arun Student II MECH 8190081618
14 Mr.V.Sneha Student II CSE 9344746898
15 Mr.S.Vasanth Student II CSE 9047517886
16 Mr.K.Muhil Student II ECE 9787917805
17 Mr.T.Saivignesh Student II CSE 9894999509
18 Mr.M.Amarnath Student III ECE 7538873713
19 Mr.B.Azeem Ahamed Student III ECE 9486550224
20 Mr.S.Vishva Student II Civil 9486550224
21 Mr.B.BharathBharathi Student III Civil 9944589121
22 Mr.R.Madhavan Student II EEE 8508891568
23 Mr.D.Balakumaran Student II EEE 9655169526
24 Mr.K.Kaviananthan Student III EEE 9789167477
25 Mr.R.Balamurugan Student I MBA 8526171162
26 Mr.S.Mohamed Shameem Student I MBA 8870686280
27 Mr.S.Mohamed Samemulla Student I MCA 8056696130
28 Mr.Nivedhitha Senthi Student I MCA 7598179139
29 Mr.R.Vetrivel Student II MCA 9487183116
30 Mr.A.Vigneshwaran Student II MCA 7010782504