As per the guidelines given by the Governments, both State and Central, and various agencies like UGC, AICTE, Anna University this committee has been constituted in AVC College of Engineering. For the past three academic years the committee members had been actively pursuing ragging–prevention activities.ANTI-RAGGING, EVE-TEASING COMPLAINTS CAN BE LODGED AT

Nodal Officers

1. Tmt R.PONNI, IPS, Superintendent of Police,
Nagapattinam District 9442585299

2.Tr. P.THIYAGARAJAN, Inspector of Police,
Nagapattinam District, 9443273861

Institutional Numbers
8754787843, 9488923659

The present staff members are as below: Staff Name Designation
1 Dr.S.Selvamuthukumaran Vice Principal /Chairman
2 Dr.J.Swaminathan, Asst Prof/ MBA., Convener
3 Mr.N.Singaravelu, Inspector of Police,Mayiladuthurai-Member
4 Mrs.P. Vijayalakshmi, Inspector of Police,AWPS,Mayiladuthurai – Member
5 Mrs. N.P.Indhumathi Thasildar, Mayiladuthurai-Member
6 Mr. ARC N. ASHOK, District President,Athletics Association, Mayiladuthurai. Member
7 Mr. C. Dakshinamoorthy, Sembanarkoil,/Member
8 Mr. M.Vivekanandan , Off Asst, S&H/Membe
9 Mr. P. Prakash, Lab Asst, S&H/Member
10 Mr. B. Sivaakumar , Tech Asst,Mech,/Member
11 Mrs. T. Chellakutty , Tech Asst,ECE/Member Date Resource Person Title of the program
1 11-10-14 Dr.C.Sundar Raj,
Principal i/c
Mrs. S.Gandhi,
Sub-Inspector of Police
Mr. R.Meiyappan,
Sub-Inspector of Police,
Town Police Station,
Anti Ragging Commitee Meeting

Professional Society


Prominent Alumni